The Next Final Fantasy Remake is… (An Almost Groundless Theory)

Final Fantasy 2. Why FF2? What hidden nugget of knowledge did I find amongst the internet’s sea of information that points to this old entry receiving the AAA makeover? It’s not a nugget I found online, but a detail I noticed while replaying Final Fantasy 7 Remake on hard mode. Minor FF7R Spoilers ahead: InContinue reading “The Next Final Fantasy Remake is… (An Almost Groundless Theory)”

The Time For a GOOD Avatar: The Last Airbender Video Game Is Upon Us

There needs to be an Avatar video game that truly embodies the brilliance of the series, and there’s no better time to make one than now.

Welcome to Players’ Journal

Hey everyone, I’m PJ — a 30 something year-old video game aficionado with a love for writing. Take a short rest and enjoy some articles on video games, tabletop gaming, books, TV and so on. But mostly video games – what makes them as awesome as they are, how they can be improved, what wouldContinue reading “Welcome to Players’ Journal”