Welcome to Players’ Journal

Hey everyone, I’m PJ — a 30 something year-old video game aficionado with a love for writing.

Take a short rest and enjoy some articles on video games, tabletop gaming, books, TV and so on. But mostly video games – what makes them as awesome as they are, how they can be improved, what would make them MORE awesome, you get it.

Why am I doing this?

  • Video games friggin’ rock, and I’ve been gaming for as long as I can remember. One of my first memories is playing Super Mario Bros 3 on SNES on my 4th birthday.
  • I studied Journalism in college, and don’t really get to flex those muscles so much now that I’ve been fully integrated into the 9-5 corporate life for the past eight years.
  • Because it’s incredibly fun.
  • Video games are an art form unlike any other. It is art that you actively experience. You explore impossible worlds, while embarking on adventures beyond your wildest dreams. These journeys can be fraught with danger, love, humor, and horror. You’ll make choices that bring you immense glee, or cold dread. It’s modern day magic. I want to express my love for the genre here.
  • You gotta start somewhere. I want to get involved in video game writing, and this is my camp at the base of that mountain.

I’ll be updating this blog when I can with new content. Feel free to reach out to me at pjwalery@gmail.com.

Published by PJ Walerysiak

Videogame aficionado, D&D lover, tv devotee, bookworm www.players-journal.com

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