The Next Final Fantasy Remake is… (An Almost Groundless Theory)

Final Fantasy 2. Why FF2? What hidden nugget of knowledge did I find amongst the internet’s sea of information that points to this old entry receiving the AAA makeover? It’s not a nugget I found online, but a detail I noticed while replaying Final Fantasy 7 Remake on hard mode. Minor FF7R Spoilers ahead: InContinue reading “The Next Final Fantasy Remake is… (An Almost Groundless Theory)”

Must-play PS4 Games That Must Still Be Played.

PS5 is here, though somehow it’s still more elusive than my commitment to work out consistently. Your trusty ol’ PS4 may soon find its spot in your entertainment center taken over by its futuristic descendant (if not already). Before or after that eventual console coronation passes, take some time to embark on these essential PS4Continue reading “Must-play PS4 Games That Must Still Be Played.”